The De’mor brand was founded in April 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia by Dewi Tuhepaly Starink (the founder). De’mor boutique has started with a store in April 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the beginning of 2016, De’mor started a new concept by designing their own products, premium designed by Dewi Tuhepaly Starink based on the concept of being fashionable and glamorous. De’mor has been producing new good quality fabrics/materials for the last year and has set up an E-Commerce website, which has been launched in February 2017.


De’mor represent designer style being confident, independent and freedom to be fashionable and glamorous!  


De’mor Collections characteristics are described for confident, independent and freedom women who know their own style, influenced by cultural and social features. The design is inspired by Indonesian women that want to look glamorous and fashionable at every moment. We produce good and high-quality designs and centrally located in Jakarta, Indonesia.



The Vision: 

  • De’mor gives confidence, independent and freedom to the woman who can dress, as she wants, being glamorous and fashionable in every moment she chooses to be.
  • De’mor, when working with others, will empower especially young women to discover, utilize and harness their talents from scratch to something they can build upon for the rest of their lives. It's about transform oneself into a way of being.


The Mission:

  • To offer a variety of a fashionable, glamorous and high-end fashion clothes.
  • To assist women deciding and selecting what kind of clothing and style go best with their own personalities. 


De’mor has as purpose to inspire other people living life to the fullest, to use their talents to the maximum and contribute to society, by donating 10% per year of the profit to the course of young poor children and their access to education. Education is about learning, equipping oneself in order to best face the challenges of life. And not only facing them, but directing these challenges in a desired direction as well. Education is a must and De’mor happily contributes to that cause.



Be Glamorous, Shine!


By Dewi Tuhepaly Starink